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by Haresh Sharma and Suguru Yamamoto
The Necessary Stage and Hanchu-Yuei
The Necessary Stage Black Box, Singapore

We live an age of technology. Digital media pervades virtually every aspect of our lives. Social media, online applications and websites are causing us to relinquish more and more personal details into the depths of cyberspace. What are the implications of living in a world of individuals without individuality, where online vitality trumps the original?

The Necessary Stage wraps up its impressive 30th anniversary season with a play that takes a long, hard look at the future and reveals the tyranny of technology. This collaboration with forward-thinking Japanese theatre company Hanchu-Yuei sees a return to the multimedia-saturated, non-linear storytelling that characterizes so much of TNS's oeuvre. Peppered with resonant themes and slick execution, it makes for a fascinating production.

A mechanical voice introduces us to Sanctuary, a pervasive social media platform of t…

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