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Trojan Women

by Euripides in a new Korean version by Bae Sam-sik composed by Anh Sook-sun and Jung Jae-Il National Theater of Korea Singapore International Festival of Arts 2017: Enchantment Victoria Theatre, Singapore
This is Ong Keng Sen's last year as Festival Director of the Singapore International Festival of Arts. Over the past four editions of the festival, Ong has curated a truly diverse and eclectic range of productions and always helmed a signature piece of his own. His genre-bending, cross-cultural style, which frequently blends Western and Eastern theatrical elements, has polarized audiences (think science fiction, pop-art opera Facing Goya in 2014 or kabuki-themed Shakespearean pastiche Sandaime Richard last year) but nowhere is his directorial vision more coherent and thematically resonant than in this extraordinary production.

Euripides' classic tragedy of the women of Troy and their queen Hecuba, who are about to be carted off as war slaves to Greece following the violent Trojan W…

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