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Fundamentally Happy

by Haresh Sharma 
translated by Nelson Chia
Nine Years Theatre/ The Esplanade
The Esplanade: The Studios
Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore

Haresh Sharma is having a bit of a moment. As part of The Neccessary Stage's 30th anniversary season, we've seen a brand new Mandarin monologue, Actor, Forty, and a rip-roaring revival of his early play Those, Who Can't Teach. In June, his body of work as a whole gets a rich, meta-theatrical airing.
Now the Esplanade Studios team has put together an entire season of plays dedicated to the award-winning playwright and Cultural Medallion recipient, each involving a different theatre maker taking on and giving their unique stamp to one of his plays. Kicking things off is a Mandarin version of Sharma's critically acclaimed 2006 play Fundamentally Happy, directed and translated by Nelson Chia of Nine Years Theatre.

From the outset, we are lured into a false sense of security. The first thing we see is Wong Chee Wai's meticulous, fully-…

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